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New features in EZ-FRISK

Finalization of USGS 2014 NSHM Seismic Source Model and EZ-Frisk 8.06 Release

EZ-Frisk version 8.06 is now available for download along with an updated version of the USGS 2014 Seismic Source and Ground Motion Models. This version and model improve hazard calculation prediction for subduction sources and the U.S. Pacific Northwest. This also paves the way for UCERF3 implementation; UCERF3 is not a part of this update but is coming soon!

NGA West2 Ground Motion Prediction Equations

Version 7.65 includes the 2014 NGA West2 ground motion prediction equations.

Expression Evaluator Attenuation Equations

Version 7.60 and later includes the Expression Evaluator attenuation equation form, which allows users to implement completely novel attenuation equations that access all of the rupture metrics calculated by the program and can depend upon custom site parameters.

What Is EZ-FRISK™?

EZ-FRISK™ is a software package used by engineers and seismologists to perform site-specific earthquake hazard analysis. The key capabilities are:

With this set of features you can quickly create design ground motions for engineering purposes that

EZ-FRISK™ lets you quickly set up, execute, and visualize seismic analyses because it has an integrated, intuitive user interface and has databases of earthquake faults characteristics, ground motion attenuation equations, and dynamic soil properties that are extensive and up-to-date, yet can be customized as needed.

You do not need to rely on generic published maps — You do not need to rely on command-line engineering tools and their tedious and error-prone data entry, file conversion, and manual chart creation — Instead, you can concentrate on applying your expertise and judgment because EZ-FRISK™ gives you an effective, integrated set of seismic analysis tools that are easy-to-use yet powerful and flexible.

EZ-FRISK™ capabilities work together as an integrated package, or you can use and license them as stand-alone modules.

International Coverage

We have seismic sources for the entire world:

except for Antartica, Greenland, and small, sparsely populated islands.