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License Structure

EZ-FRISK™ is typically licensed on a subscription basis for each user, with the subscription period lasting for 3 months or 12 months. A subscription is locked to a particular computer, although we will allow you to move a subscription to another computer under specific circumstances. You must purchase a license for each computer on which EZ-FRISK™ will be used. Multiple licenses within an organization may qualify for a volume discount.

The seismic hazard module can be licensed on a site basis, with a site defined as one latitude and longitude pair to be studied.

The EZ-FRISK™ software has a number of modules:

  1. Seismic hazard analysis
  2. Gridded-site seismic hazard analysis (useful for seismic hazard mapping)
  3. Spectral matching
  4. Site response
Each module may be licensed separately or you may license a combination of modules. License fees depend upon the duration of the subscription and the modules to be licensed, and for seismic hazard analysis the regions to be licensed.

The seismic hazard analysis module is licensed for analyzing sites in particular regions. The basic license includes a single region, and additional regions can be licensed for additional cost.