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Purchasing EZ-FRISK
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Effective September 1, a new fee structure will be implemented. This increase marks the first change in pricing in three years. Please read the new licensing structure for details.

Purchasing EZ-FRISK™

Creating Your Initial EZ-FRISK™ Package

Before you register, you should decide what features you need. The Technical Capabilities section can help you choose. Most users will want the 12-month subscription to seismic hazard analysis, spectral matching, and site response analysis. This package gives you a powerful set of site-specific seismic analysis tools. If you have any questions, contact Support.

Registering as a New User

Registration is a simple process that takes only a few minutes. You choose a user name and password, and provide contact information. Then you select your initial purchase options, and provide payment information. After you accept the license agreement, you are given an opportunity to download the software. At this point, you can install the software on your computer. The software is activated within one business day of your payment clearing — usually within two hours of registering when you provide credit card information during registration.

Register Now!

Renewing Subscriptions

You can renew your subscription by visiting Your Account or contacting Support. In addition, we will contact you near the end of your subscription at the email address you provide during registration (or subsequently update).

Purchasing Additional Capabilities

You can purchase additional capabilities by visiting Your Account or contacting Support.