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EZ-FRISK™ Technical Capabilities

Seismic Hazard Input

With EZ-FRISK™, it is easy to set up a seismic hazard analysis. All you need to do is:

  1. Enter your site location (latitude and longitude).
  2. Let EZ-FRISK™ find all the faults and background source near your source.
  3. Select the attenuation equations to use with your sources.
Reasonable default choices have been provided for all other parameters. Unless you are dealing with special cases, the default parameters provide a good engineering tradeoff between accuracy and speed.


With EZ-FRISK™, it is easy to customize a seismic hazard analysis. You have the flexibility to control the seismic hazard calculations. You can configure and turn on or off advanced analytic features such as:

These advanced techiques provide important information but unnecessarily slow down routine calculations. We give you the choice whether or not to use them.

You can select individual seismic sources, select all sources within a specified distance, or use a combination of both techniques. You can easily assign which attenuation equations to use with a class of seismic sources (say fault sources, subduction zones, or gridded sources), or assign particular attenuation equations to use with a specific source.

To refine your analysis you can override:

Integration Parameters

During probabilistic seismic hazard analysis, the program generates a finite number of earthquakes within the selected sources to approximate the possibility of an earthquake occurring at any location with each source. The number and location of these events can be controlled by user-defined integration increments.

All sources

Fault sources

Area sources

Gridded sources