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Technical Capabilities

Site Response Analysis

The Site Response Analysis module allows you to specify the soil or soft-rock column at the site by selecting soil properties from a database, then adapting them to site measured properties such as maximum shear wave velocity and density. The database allows you to create a series of soils with the modulus reduction curves and damping curves you feel are best for particular conditions. You can easily add your own curves to the database.

Once the layers beneath your site are defined, you can easily perform a number of site response analyses. EZ-FRISK™ uses Shake91+, an enhanced version of the industry-standard Shake91 code. It lets you use:

You can still use the classic version of Shake91 for simple profiles to compare results.

SHAKE91 propagates an input motion applied to the bedrock (or any other layer) beneath your site through the soil or soft-rock column to produce a site-specific outcropping ground motion time history. We provide a user interface that greatly expedites setting up analyses, calculating site response, and viewing the results. You can easily visualize