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What Can EZ-FRISK™ Do for Seismologists?

Seismic Hazard Analysis

As a seismologist you need a software package with the flexibility to allow you to model various proposed seismic source interpretations and the power to quickly see how they effect the seismic hazard. EZ-FRISK™ allows you to define your own fault and area sources and their seismic parameters.

For fault/subduction sources you can modify:

For area sources you can modify:

EZ-FRISK™ provides an extensive set of attenuation relationships. You can modify the coefficients to reflect new research or conduct sensitivity analyses. You can enter completely new attenuation equations by providing an interpolation table. We give you a powerful attenuation charting capability that lets you verify that you have entered coefficients correctly. You can easily compare and contrast different attenuation equations.

Multi-Site Hazard Analysis for Mapping

EZ-FRISK™ provides a powerful seismic hazard mapping capability. First you set up a single site analysis by choosing seismic sources, attenuation equations, and computational parameters. Then you define a boundary region to map and the grid spacing. With a single command, EZ-FRISK™ will calculate the hazard at each gridded location. We have incorporated optimizations that make the overall time to produce a map shorter than repeated use of the single-site analyses. If you need additional results, you can run an analysis for a set of selected points.

Results for all sites are consolidated into two files. One file contains hazard data (ground motion vs. probability hazard mapping of exceedence) and the other site contains spectra data. Spectra data can be obtained for any number of spectral periods and probability levels.