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What Can EZ-FRISK™ Do for You?


EZ-FRISK™ gives geotechnical and structural engineers the ability to:

With EZ-FRISK™ it is practical to perform detailed seismic hazard analysis on nearly all construction projects, not just the big ones. The process of creating site-specific design events is simple and quick, making this an ideal task to add to your standard offering to your clients. Structural and soil engineers can use these site-specific design events to identify cases where building and soil-structure costs can be reduced by detailed analysis. Learn more...


EZ-FRISK™ comes with an extensive collection of attenuation equations which is frequently updated to include newly published work. The seismic hazard analysis module comes with seismic sources for one region. You can license additional regions at additional cost. The following seismic sources are available:

*Available only through single site license option, at an extra cost.

The attenuation equation database includes over 55 published equations with coefficients predefined for over 240 specific relationships. This database has world-wide applicability.

The EZ-FRISK™ multi-site module helps you create a hazard map by performing seismic hazard calculations on a grid or a selected set of points within a boundary. You can take the tabular results and bring them into your favorite GIS package. Contact us for further information.

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